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How Will GRUBBRR Help Me ?

According to a Global Survey, 3 out of 4 people say they would go to a restaurant during off-peak times if they received a discount.

How would you manage that? How would you change the menu price in your system? How would you make sure your customers know that you are offering certain discounts at a certain time? Hell, Do you even know who your customers are?

We, at GRUBBRR can help you manage your customer data in the most seamless manner. Give any sort of discount at any time of the day and intimate all your customers by just one click!!!

A totally flexible CRM module to suit all your requirements.

In Restaurant Industry Time Saved is Money Earned

GRUBBRR Modules like POS, Waiter & Reservation help you reduce the average time taken to complete an order per table since the orders are taken through tablets and processed in real time without any time lag. So instead of taking 100 orders per table now a restaurant can take 110 orders ( 10% increase ) resulting into an additional monthly revenue of $1000 Per Table on an earlier revenue of $10,000. (Imagine if you have 50 Tables!!)

* Taking orders through tablets is one of the hottest Restaurant Technology trend.

Productivity is not an accident it is almost, always planned

Restaurant industry is highly labor intensive with an average of almost 26 % of Total expenditure going to Labour.

GRUBBRR systems empower you to get real-time numbers & analysis with respect to the performance of your employees.

This would enable you to gauge the performance and help you differentiate between Performers Vs Non Performers as well as Revenue Earners VS Revenue Drainers. (10 % efficiency improvement would help you achieve a yearly $ 32,000 savings on a yearly revenue of $120K)

Cost should not only be calculated, it should also be reduced

Table Top Module (Customers can Order food & drinks, play games, book a cab etc from the Table), QUEUE Buster Kiosk Module & even POS ( Our POS is Mobile so while managing the restaurant, the Owner can also take Orders OR go to the stores & take inventory) helps in reducing time and thereby reduces the overall cost.

Keep a Close Tab on your Food cost and Inventory and You Can never fail !!

Restaurant margins are notoriously slim and therefore controlling food costs is one of the most important aspects of running a profitable restaurant. While F&B costs can vary depending on the type of restaurant, it is not uncommon to see this represent 29-40% of the restaurant’s total cost.

GRUBBRR’s Food Costing & Inventory Management can help you significantly improve the efficiency of your restaurant. It acts as a tool to empower the owner do an in-depth analysis of the Food costing and inventory tracking thereby resolving the issues in Real-time and eliminating the variance, if any.

Time is Money, More so when you have a restaurant full of people !!

Grubbrr Reservation Module will not only manage your reservations in the most efficient manner but also give Intelligent Forecasting on the approximate waiting time based on Real Time Table Status with the help of smart Algorithms.

It comes with an inbuilt Queue Management & IN QUEUE Ordering enabling your manager to take orders from customers even while they are in the QUEUE thereby significantly reducing the order process cycle.




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